How can I upload a picture?

Hit the "Upload" button on the upper menu. You'll have popup where you can choose a picture on your computer and linked it to a spot. If the spot does not exist yet you will be able to create it.

What is a spot?

A spot/crag is a small geographical region with a concentration of opportunities for climbing. Depending on the type of climbing, a spot is composed of different areas as cliffs, boulders, ice falls, summits,...
Multiple routes can be found on a spot.

El Capitan is a cliff that is part of the spot Yosemite. The Nose is a route that you can climb on El Capitan.

What is the picture of the day?

Every day the most-liked picture on I Love Climbing is rewarded as picture of the day on the home page. Ask your friends to looove your best pictures by sharing them and get the chance to get your photo seen by the all climbers community!

How can I change my profile cover?

The profile cover (the big background picture of your profile page) is automatically picked. It's the most loooved of your pictures. At this time, the only way to change it is to have more looove on another of your pictures.

Can I click the Comments count on my profile?

There is no link behind the comments count on your profile page. You will be notified when someone comments on your photo or comment.