A picture from Vinny the Pug Upon Mt. Sedona by Vinny the Pug

Vinny the Pug Atop Mt. Sedona in Arizona, U.S.A.

  • Vinny the Pug


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    I suppose ever climber has his or her favorite haunt. That special place where one can find climbing worthy of their challenge, but also, they can find peace and tranquility. For Vinny the Pug that place was Sedona, Arizona. I can't say why he chose to return to Mt. Sedona time and time again but, I've been led to believe it had something to do with the energy of the place itself. There is said to be at least four energy vortexes in the Sedona regional area. Supposedly, they emit subtle energy that interacts with who a person is inside. I'm not a scientist nor do I know anything about metaphysics. However, I do know that Vinny the Pug insisted that he return to Sedona ever so often and that when he climbed, there was always this look of calm that seemed to take over his very being. Upon his face would be a look that was almost devoid of expression. A look of total peace and tranquility. It is for that reason I would have to say that Sedona, Arizona was Vinny the Pug's favorite climb in all the world!