Aljazev dome, Slovenia, April 28, 2013, 4.30 am. The weather forecast for the next seven days in the Alpine region isn’t perfect. Nevertheless, seven athletes from team DYNAFIT start to realize their long planned project: X7 - Seven countries, seven summits in the shortest possible time and "by fair means", so ascent and descent only with their own muscle power. The objective: to climb the highest peak of seven Alpine countries within seven days by bike, by foot and on skis always starting from the valley. Each summit itself is a very challenging day tour. There is more than 18,000 meters altitude and 180km to cope with within 7 days for the speed climbers.The tour starts in Slovenia with ‘Triglav’ (2,864 m), followed by Austria's highest mountain, the ‘Grossglockner’ (3,798 m), the ‘Zugspitze’ (2,962 m) and the ‘Vordere Grauspitze’ (2,599 m) in Liechtenstein. It continues with three four-thousands, the 4,634 meter high ’Dufourspitze’ in Switzerland, the ‘Gran Paradiso’ (4,061 m) in Italy and finally the ‘Mont Blanc’ (4,810 m) in France.

Mario Scanu:

'X7 is a unique experience – it’s the Seven Summits of the Alps. We test our materials in the most extreme conditions. It will be a challenge, but we remain true to ourselves and our philosophy at Dynafit. We give our best.'<br>

Schorsch Nickaes about 'Triglav':<br>

'The start of the X7 experience demanded a lot from us. A strong storm, horizontal sleet and only 10m visibility while we had to pave through the summit ridge, which seemed to be endless. Perfect teamwork supported by the world-class athletes Nec made a successful start in this adventure possible.'

Elmar Tritscher about 'Grossglockner':<br>

'I have been standing next to the beautiful ‘Glocknerkreuz’ several times myself. It was never as hard as it was today. Strong gusts of wind and vertical snowfall made the ascent an absolute challenge.'

Benedikt Böhm  about 'Zugspitze':<br>

'The ‘Zugspitze’ was on the menu on our third day. The sun burned down and just after 10 am we reached the summit. The descent afterwards was a real spring treat. Tomorrow we’ll be on the highest mountain in Lichtenstein – the ‘vordere Grauspitze’.'

Eric Hjorleifson  about 'Vordere Grauspitze':<br>

'For me it was the best of all summits so far. It wasn’t easy, even if it’s not the highest peak of the tour. A real adventure, because no one of our team had climbed the summit before. But good weather and a super steep north wall have rewarded us with perfect spring snow.'

Andreas Schuwey about 'Dafourspitze':<br>

'The weather is not exactly optimal.We started at 2am in the morning. First with the bike, then on skis. But the vision and thunderstorms forced us to turn back at 3700 m.We are all very disappointed. Me, as a Swiss a bit more than the others, but nature sometimes decides against us.'

Mario Scanu about 'Gran Paradiso':<br>

'Today we are finally in Italy! We climb the Gran Paradiso.Even if our legs are already tired of the five past days - we enjoy the fantastic day and a great descent! In a few hours we will already be at the Mont Blanc and start from Chamonix. The last day is gonna be hard, but we won’t give up.'

Javier Martin about 'Mont Blanc':<br>

'Sweat, pain, fatigue ... that will all lead to speed, strength, joy and friendship eventually. These are Triglav, Grossglockner, Zugspitze, Grauspitze, (almost) Dufourspitze, Gran Paradiso and Mont Blanc - X7. countries, 7 summits, 7 days and 7 friends!And last but not least a great team behind the athletes. Thanks to all and SPEED UP.'