Hey guys, we wish you all the best for 2019 and a year filled with new adventures, happiness, good vibes, amazing climbing sessions and lots of fun.

Climbers' New Year’s Resolutions

Whether you’ve already been thinking about your 2019 goals and ambitions, here are some suggestions for a fulfilling and flourishing climbing year…

1) Set realistic goals

Credits :Matt Bush

Sometimes it can be easy to give up the goals you settled because they were either too ambitious, irrealistic, or ambiguous. Setting precise and measurable goals will help you focusing your efforts and will keep you motivated. Make short and long-term goals, it will be easier to see your advancement and you’ll feel better to see that you’re on good path!

2) Push past your limits

Credits : Tara Kerzhner

This is slightly linked with goals setting. Failing is part of climbing, so don't be afraid of that. Trust yourself and go beyond your limits, the reward when you’ll pass will be huge!

3) Take a friend climbing

Credits : Holly Mandarich

To start the year, why not introducing a friend to climbing and bringing someone new in the community ? You probably heard about the sport by a friend or family, now it’s your turn to return the favor. Ice on the cake, you might earn yourself a new climbing mate ;-)

4) Wear a helmet

Credits : David Kaszlikowski

When it comes to safety and wearing a climbing helmet or not, inconsistency is everywhere. Many climbers tend to make day-by-day decisions about wearing it or not. And yet, head injuries in climbing are potentially catastrophic and they are too many accidents every year. So protect your brain at all costs!

5) Try a new style of climbing

Credits : Martin Ciepielewski

Seeing something new and changing a bit our habits is really good for motivation! Try out a different form of climbing and keep your enthusiasm fresh.

6) Be respectful of the environment

Credits : Tyson Dudley

After a bouldering session, do your best to leave things better than you find it at the crag: brush off your chalk, remove any tick marks, pick up trash and have a general tidy-up before you leave.

Last days to join our Klif Climbing Club

We’re stoked to start the Klif Climbing Club adventure with you guys! We’re cooking up a year full of surprises. High five to all of you who already joined KCC and became our happy members! In case you’re still hesitating to join, you have until January 13th to subscribe to the Club.

Credits : Brook Anderson

Need a little reminder of what it means to be a KCC member ? Join the community and get covered throughout 2019 with :

a super welcome pack; climbing consumables delivered every month ;
your favorite pair of climbing shoes ;
a rope or a crashpad ;
exclusive climbing content ;
invitations to worldwide climbing events ;
podcasts, special training sessions ;
discounts on climbing gyms, climbing trips ;
access to a private chatroom with the community...​

...and much more surprises, but we don't wanna spoil everything! ;-)

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