In thumbing through the photography album from my years since discovering bouldering, I have found a recurring theme that I had not noticed before.  I would have to say it happened quite subconsciously as I do not remember having chosen one crag versus another.  Yet, the proof was there before my eyes.  I'd come to realize that there were far more photos of my self climbing beautiful Sedona in Arizona than anywhere else.  Perhaps in was the reflection of the rays as the sun set against the red hue of the mountains there.  Or, then it could have been the effects of several vortices that are believed to be located in the area.  Whatever the reason, I just can't seem to put my paw on it! 

My days of climbing have long since passed.  Yet, when the urge returns, I revisit my precious album to briefly recapture the thrill of the climb.  Especially, when I climbed the magnificent wall of Mountain  Sedona.

Vincent Thomas Pug  

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