Before writing too much, here is the video made by Flathold about my one month trip in Joe's Valley last February. This is a selection of the best line I climbed in an unconventional atmosphere! Please take time to sit and put headphone for 5min!

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Here is a selection of pictures, information below.

Wind Below, V7, highly recommended. ©Mathieu Achermann

Lex Luthor, V13. ©Mathieu Achermann

Beyond Life Sit, V12. ©Mathieu Ac

Worse Case Scenario, V9. ©Mathieu Achermann

Black Lung V13, THE CLASSIC by Ben Moon. ©Mathieu Achermann

Just a few words... My goal during this trip wasn't to open new lines or focus on boulders which are at my limit but more to discover this area by climbing all classics. I just choose lines who inspire me and try them. I finished the trip with 26 boulders V10 or harder but mostly a really fun trip with a good friend and a lot of climbs! You can find all list on my 27crags account:

Mathieu Achermann in Wills Of Fire V6. ©Nils Favre

Mathieu also climbed a lot during this trip and crushed nice line as "Playmate of the year,V9". We climbed as much as we can but we had really hard condition during the second part of the trip, frozen wind, insane cold temperature, snow everywhere... I love cold to climb but this time it was too much. There were many days which Joe's Valley seemed empty of life with only us trying to move all day to not freeze. Fortunately, we slept in a house in Orangeville with warm shower every evening :) 

Trent's Mom, V10/11. ©Mathieu Achermann

My last words will be to recommend this area to everyone! I think it's better to be a confirmed climber (Being comfortable in the 7a grade will open your possibilities) but the quality of the rock and location are the two main reasons to go there. In addition, a lot of boulderers are lazy to walk, a lot of areas are less than 5min walk from the car.

Mathieu warming up on the Beyond Life Boulder. ©Nils Favre

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