Every now and then the question would come up as to Vinny the Pug's preferences as far as his gear.  His answer most often was that he had no preference because the gear that he had grown to know and depend on for life and safety was produced by several companies.  For some that still wasn't a definitive answer and many pressed on.  Vinny would become just a bit agitated but proceed to look for his well worn photo album.  Upon finding it, he began the search for a particular photograph.  Once he'd found it, Vinny pointed out to the questioner that in this particular photo he could be seen with two of quickdraws manufactured by different companies  .  The top one was from a "Metolius"as can be seen with the red portion of its carabiner showing.  He followed by explaining that the other just beneath it was made by "Black Diamond".  The questioner seem to have had his fill and abruptly ended the conversation.  In two shakes of a lambs tail he was on his way, thus proving an old adage.  It is often said, "A picture is worth a thousand words!".<br />