It has been a little over four years since my best friend Vinny the Pug left me due unto a cancerous tumor.  Ever since then, I've continued developing and pursuing the plans that he and I had made together to help improve the world wherever possible. Out of that came the idea for CLUB NO-KILL 2027.  It is an International Fund Raising Laboratory & Club exclusively for animal rescuer's. Membership is open to all animal shelters, pet rescues and stray cat alliances of every country. We're prepared to kicked off our ten-year mission to help lead the world towards achieving "universal" NO-KILL of healthy pets in animal shelters in a decade.  

 After a ten-years of planning, which spanned over three-quarters of Vinny's life, we're now ready to kickoff.  We've chosen the country of Venezuela to be first with the creation of CLUB NO-KILL VENEZUELA. We're extremely excited to work with and support the incredible citizens of that country who have dedicated their lives to the preservation of animals even during these difficult times in their country.

Should you care to support the global mission of CLUB NO-KILL, simply purchase a product bearing the club's logo and nation's name and 100% of the profits from the sale will be donated to rescues in that country. To be of even greater assistance, help spread the word about CLUB NO-KILL 2027 and our mission to achieve universally NO-KILL of healthy pets in animal shelters by 2027.